Privacy Policy

360-degree professional development assessments are specifically designed to provide observational feedback to the participant. This includes both self-observations, and those that the participant identifies in specific observation groups.

Your confidentiality is important to us. Five steps are undertaken.

First, as is standard practice with these types of assessments, feedback will only be provided for the observation group if at least two people from that group respond within the assessment's timeframe. In the case where only one person in the group responds, either the timeframe will be extended or a Leadership Energizes administrator will reach out to the respondent asking for permission. In either case, the participant must contact the Leadership Energizes team if they wish to pursue one of those options.

Second, this tool was designed to provide feedback through answering two types of questions: those on a rating scale and open ended. For questions that are on a rating scale, the participant will see the averaged ranking by observation group and the response range by category. They will not be able to identify how individual observers ranked them. The open-ended questions are included into the report directly as written. The Leadership Energizes team cannot discern what may be an inside reference and does not screen responses. Please use judgement in how you respond.

Third, while the submitted data is collected for academic research purposes, neither the participants nor observers' names, email addresses, or contact information is included in the researchable data set. And, if qualitative studies are undertaken, the researchers will contact randomly selected participants to consider sharing their reports. Participation is not required.

Fourth, four types of people will have access to the final report: the participant, Leadership Energizes administrators, our third-party consultant contracted by USC to provide support, and when appropriate, executive coaches. In the case of executive coaches, these are individuals who were identified by the participant, were assigned from an executive education program, or were trained to use the tool with their coaching clients. If a coach is used, the participant will be informed who their coach is.

Fifth, access to the instrument is username and password protected. The participant and observers create their own passwords. Typical safeguards are encouraged.

The Leadership Energizes team may follow-up with participants and observers about future resources and/or offers.

For elected officials who take the assessment, the goal is for educational and professional development purposes only. If you are concerned that it may be subject to the Public Records Act or similar laws or policies, consult with your legal counsel before proceeding.

The information you provide in this system is stored in a system maintained by a third party consultant contracted by USC to provide support.

If this approach is acceptable, please click the "I agree" button below before proceeding.

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